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              ABOUT US

              Shantou Huayi Hardware Co.,Ltd, established in 1995, mainly deals with various hardware stamping parts, thin plate stamping parts, electronic hardware, switch power supply shell,radiator  and electronic hardware processing. It owns above 10 thousand sqare meter manufacture workshop, 200-Ton closed double-point press and other open press more than 100 PCS,several open fixed high speed precision press, and porous tapping machines. It has mold branch factory, which can design and make products according to customer sample, drawings and intensions. Besides, it has 1350 type cutting machine, which can cut stainless steel, galvanized steel, elctro-galvanized steel, cold steel , silicon steel, prepainted steel, it can film first and cut later, catering to all processing requirement.

              For adminitration , we fully implement ISO 9001 , and take Quality Oriented, Customer first, quick service as our objective and mutual bebefit as our principle. We will try best to provide superior products and sincere service. Wish to create bright future with you.

              CONTACT US

              Shantou Huayi Hardware Co.,Ltd.

              Contact: Mr. Pan (Business Manager)
              Mobile phone: 13750475137
              Fax: 0754-88382863
              Address: Shantou District, Guangdong City, Longhu City, Sheng Industrial Zone, West Street, West 8

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